Friday, June 5

Nonlinear Waves VI

4:45 PM-5:45 PM
Chair: Mina B. Abd-el-Malek, Alexandria University, Egypt
Room 244

4:45 Progressive Internal Gravity Waves with Free Upper Surface Over a Triangular Obstacle
Malak N. Makar, Assiut University, Egypt and Mina B. Abd-el-Malek, Alexandria University, Egypt
5:05 Electromagnetic Shock Waves and Their Structure in Anisotropic Ferromagnets with Easy Axis
Natalia I. Gvozdovskaya, Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russia; and Andrey G. Kulikovskii, Steklov Mathematics Institute, Russia
5:25 Point Weak Singularity for Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Equations of Hydrodynamics: Expansion of Shock Waves and Calculation of Typhoon Trajectories
V. V. Bulatov, Y. V. Vladimirov, S. Y. Dobrokhotov, and V. G. Danilov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
5:25 Simulation of Long Surface Waves in a Fluid Generated by Movement of Walls of a Basin
Leonid B. Chubarov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia: and Ksenia Ovsyuk, Novosibirsk State University, Russia
6:05 Nonlinear Waveform Inversion of Multicoverage Data via Modified Newton Method Based on Truncated SVD
Valery Khajdukov, Victor Kostin, and Vladimir Tcheverda, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

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