Monday, June 1

Surface Scattering

10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Room 246

Scattering from rough surfaces has a long history and probably thousands of references spread over the acoustic, electromagnetic, elastic, and atomic beam literature. Applications range from scattering from the sea and terrain on a macroscopic level to scattering from thin films and coatings on a microscopic level. Theoretical descriptions can be based approximately on single scatter models, perturbation theory for shallow surfaces, or so-called non-classical approximations, as well as on rigorous integral- or differential-equation based approaches. The surfaces can be modeled as deterministic, random, periodic, quasi-periodic, or fractal.

In spite of this long history and abundant literature, new theoretical methods are being developed and increasing emphasis is placed on the ability of the methods to be computable numerically or by using non-classical approximate methods.

The speakers will present new theoretical developments involving the method of ordered multiple interactions, non-classical approximation methods, operator expansion techniques, and integral equations in mixed coordinate-spectral and purely spectral domains. They will also discuss computational results for scattering from rough interfaces.

Organizer : John A. DeSanto
Colorado School of Mines

10:15 Computational Methods for Rough Surface Scattering: The Method of Ordered Multiple Interactions
Robert J. Adams, R. Awadallah, J. Toporkov, and Gary S. Brown, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
10:45 Non-classical Approaches in the Theory of Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces
Alexander G. Voronovich, NOAA/ERL - Environmental Technology Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado
11:15 Operator Expansion Methods in Rough Surface Scattering -- A Progress Report
D. Michael Milder, Arete Associates, Sherman Oaks, California
11:45 Scattering from a Periodic Interface
John A. DeSanto, Organizer

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