Thursday, June 4

Electromagnetic Scattering from Random Media

10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Room 246

The speakers in this minisymposium will focus on scattering from randomly rough surfaces, but the models are aimed at dealing with volume scattering as well. This is obvious in the models presented by Y. Takakura and A. Sentenac where a surface scattering problem is transformed, through a conformal mapping or by a volume integral equation respectively, into the scattering by an inhomogeneous medium with random permittivity. With such methods, the generalization to scattering by rough inhomogeneous films where both surface and volume scattering occur becomes feasible. S. Chandler-Wilde will discuss extension to transmission and inhomogeneous layer problems. All these studies are of particular interest for remote sensing applications. Along these lines, M. Saillard suggests the use of the concept of wavelet correlation dimension for the characterization of scatterers with a multi-scale structure.

Organizer: Marc Saillard
Laboratoire d'Optique Electromagnetique, France

10:15 Scattering by Rough Surfaces and Interfaces
Simon N. Chandler-Wilde and Christopher R. Ross, Brunel University, United Kingdom; and Bo Zhang, Coventry University, United Kingdom
10:45 Study of Rough Surface Scattering by Means of a Coordinate Transformation
Yoshitate Takakura and Mohamed T. Sehili, LSP/ENSPS, Louis Pasteur University, France
10:45 A Volume Formalism to Study the Diffusion of Electromagnetic Waves by Two-Dimensional Rough Surfaces
Anne Sentenac, Universite de St. Jerome, France; Olivier Calvo and Jean-Jacques Greffet, Laboratoire d'Enginetique Moeculaire, Macroscopique, Combustion, France
11:15 Characterization of Multi-Scale Rough Surfaces
Marc Saillard, Organizer; Charles Antoine Guerin and Matthias Holschneider, CNRS-Luminy, France

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