Friday, June 5

Boundary Integral Methods for Selected Wave-Propagation Problems

10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Room 246

Problems in applied mathematics and physics involving propagation of acoustic, elastic, and electromagnetic waves are important in a number of disciplines, among which is nondestructive evaluation (NDE).

The speakers in this minisymposium discuss the formulation and numerical solution of some representative wave problems via the vehicle of boundary integral equations. They will discuss problems involving electromagnetic phenomena and ultrasonic waves dealing with problems in unbounded domains via boundary methods, analytical and numerical issues which arise in connection with singularities in the integral equations, and the presence of boundaries of indefinite extent, such as a halfspace surface.

Organizer: Frank Rizzo
Iowa State University

10:15 Application of the Symmetric-Galerkin Boundary Integral Method for Elastic Wave Scattering
Leonard J. Gray and Max D. Morris, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:45 High Frequency Scattering BEM Using an Asymptotic Computational Ansatz
Ronald A. Roberts, Iowa State University
11:15 Residual Error Bounds in Various Norms for Solutions of a Fredholm Integral Equation of the First Kind
Thomas Schwengler and Edward F. Kuester, University of Colorado, Boulder
11:45 Boundary Integral Equations Approach to Electromagnetic Wave Phenomena
Joseph C. Chao, AlliedSignal Engines, Phoenix, Arizona; and Frank Rizzo, Organizer

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MMD, 12/18/97