Wednesday, June 3

Recent Progress on the Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Problem for Anisotropic Media

8:00 AM-8:45 AM
Chair: Graeme Fairweather, Colorado School of Mines
Room 246

The inverse problem under consideration is to determine the support of an anomaly in an inhomogeneous anisotropic medium from knowledge of the far field pattern corresponding to an incident electromagnetic plane wave with fixed frequency in the resonance region. This problem, and its variants, is basic to both microwave imaging of the human body as well as current attempts to test the toughness of airplane canopies by nondestructive methods. At the present time, all inversion methods for microwave interrogation in the resonance region rely on the material being isotropic and hence have questionable applicability to problems such as those mentioned above. In this presentation, the speaker will discuss the mathematical problems that arise in trying to develop an inverse scattering theory for anisotropic media with focus on the simplest case of a two dimensional orthotropic medium. He will discuss uniqueness of the inverse problem, a linear method for numerically determining the support of the anomaly and the extension of these ideas to the general anisotropic case.

David Colton
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Delaware

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