Thursday, June 4

Optimal Design of a Diffractive Optical Element

8:00 AM-8:45 AM
Chair: Graeme Fairweather, Colorado School of Mines
Room 246

The speaker will discuss the problem of designing an optical film of variable thickness, whose function is to change incoming normally incident plane waves of uniform intensity to produce a desired intensity pattern on a screen. A novel feature of this problem is that manufacturing constraints require that the film be piecewise constant and take on integer multiples of a fixed thickness. The approach to the problem is to apply a variant of a genetic algorithm to the resulting optimization. The speaker will provide a probabilistic proof of convergence, and a method for estimating the attainability of the design. He will illustrate the main ideas with numerical results. (This paper is a joint work with Svetlana Rudnaya, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Alessandra Chiareli, 3M, St. Paul, Minnesota.)

Fadil Santosa
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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MMD, 4/20/98