Students are the future of applied mathematics and computational science. SIAM welcomes students with opportunities to participate in SIAM, as well as online resources on education and careers.

Right: The Universidade de São Paulo (USP-Brazil) Chapter of SIAM in Brazil visit a Research Institute.

Student Memberships

SIAM Memberships for students are greatly
discounted or free.

Student Chapters

Join an existing SIAM student chapter or start a new one.

Student Prizes and Travel Awards

Opportunities for travel and recognition!

Educational Resources for Students and Educators

Students, browse our online guides to graduate and undergraduate programs. Educators, review SIAM-sponsored reports and surveys on educational issues.

Careers in Mathematics

Here's what you can do with that math degree.

Gene Golub SIAM Summer School

The Gene Golub Summer School offers free graduate level summer schools in applied mathematics, computational science, and industrial mathematics for up to 50 doctoral students.

Job Search Resources for Students

Learn how to conduct a job search. Sign up for the Career Fair at the SIAM Annual Meeting.

Fellowship & Research Opportunities

See what's available for graduate and undergraduate students.

MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge

With the goal of making math relatable to every-day life, M3 Challenge has drawn the participation of more than 37,000 students (one third female), 4,000 high schools, 5,000 teachers, and 400 professional mathematician judges and has awarded more than $1.2 million in scholarships since 2006

Mathematics Resources

Links to a variety of math websites.
Accepting papers for our electronic publication devoted to undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics.

Student News

News about and for our student members.

Math Competitions

Math contests for middle school, high school, and undergraduate students.

Why Do Math

Mathematical and computational analyses have proved to be uniquely insightful for solving a myriad of problems in science, society and our everyday lives. Why Do Math highlights solutions to many of these problems.

Math Matters, Apply It!

An awareness campaign to help people learn more about the mathematics behind everyday life and the technologies we encounter.


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