Circulation and Subscriber Demographics


A circulation of 14,000* includes all SIAM members plus additional subscribers. Actual readership is significantly higher due to library and pass-along readership.

Subscriber Demographics

Academe: 76%
Industry: 13%
Government: 7%
Other: 4%

Geographical Breakdown
United States: 66%
Europe: 17%
Canada and Mexico: 4%
Asia and Africa: 8%
Middle East: .9%
Central and South America: 3%
Australia and New Zealand: 1%
Russia: .1%

Purchasing Patterns
In the past 12 months, 35% of all SIAM members have purchased books or other publications from SIAM.

Education (Highest Academic Degree Achieved**)
Ph.D.: 87%
Master's: 10%
Bachelor's: 1%
Unknown: 2%

Some Areas of Specialization

*Average circulation throughout 2017; subject to change since updates are made to the database daily.
**Based on those who reported this information.

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