Numerical Computing with Modern Fortran

Richard J. Hanson and Tim Hopkins

Chapter 8: Case Study: Documenting the Quadrature Routine qag2003

Source Code:

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This is the document example. A single quadrature of a standard normal probablility density function is computed. There are three packaging methods used for the integrand evaluation function. These are a use-associated module routine, a routine contained within the invoking program unit, and an external routine. The modules quadpack2003 and set_precision are use-associated by the other program units.

There is a single main program which may be built using the makefile

Sample Output from documentExample

 Normal cumulative for mu =  1.00 sigma =  2.00
 within limits [mu-1,m+1] is =   0.383
 Packaging methods: fmodule, fexternal and fcontained all agree.
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