Numerical Computing with Modern Fortran

Richard J. Hanson and Tim Hopkins

Chapter 11: Defined Operations for Sparse Matrix Solutions

Source Code:

  1. in zip format
  2. in gzipped tar format

The code associated with this chapter requires version 4.3 of the SuperLU package.

There is a single executable that may be built using the makefile.

Sample output from testSLUInterop

This used the Intel compiler, XE, and Intel MKL for routine DNRM2.

The SuperLU factorization completed with N =         5

The nonzero values of L, U and their sum =        11        11        22

Memory Usage (KBytes) for LU step   = 2.720000E-01
Total Usage  (KBytes) for all terms = 1.412000E+00

Test   Status        Description
  1    Passed        H-B Matrix (.ip.) b(:) Agrees with known solution.

  2    Passed        b(:) (.pi.) H-B Matrix Agrees with known solution.
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