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Sponsored by the SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics (SIAG/DM)

About the Conference

Discrete mathematics is a branch of the mathematical sciences, with a wide range of challenging research problems and important applications in industry. Discrete mathematics has applications to all fields of computer science, and to the physical and biological sciences. It is used extensively in telecommunications, information processing and manufacturing, and many businesses and industries use techniques of discrete optimization to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Discrete mathematics is a dynamic field in both theory and applications. Researchers in discrete mathematics have established important connections with mainstream areas of pure and applied mathematics, and as a consequence, research techniques and problems are drawn from a wide range of different fields, including algebra, topology, geometry, probability, analysis, and logic.

The purpose of this conference is to highlight the major theoretical advances in the field, the development of new tools for discrete mathematics, and the most significant of the new applications of discrete mathematics to problems arising in industry and business. The conference also seeks to bring together participants from the many different environments where discrete mathematics is developed and applied.

Conference Themes

Discrete mathematics:

and its connections to other disciplines, including:

Organizing Committee

Mark Ellingham (chair), Vanderbilt University
Rob Calderbank, AT&T Labs - Research
William Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jim Haglund, University of Pennsylvania
Penny Haxell, University of Waterloo, Canada
Monika Henzinger, Google, Inc
Rolf Möhring, Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany
Ron Shamir, Tel Aviv University, Israel
William T. Trotter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Douglas B. West, University of Illinois

with input from officers of the SIAG/DM:

Derek Corneil, University of Toronto, Canada
Nathaniel Dean, Texas Southern University
Gary MacGillivray, University of Victoria, Canada

Invited Plenary Speakers

What Makes a Finite Network High-Dimensional: Random Graph Scaling for Finite Graphs
Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft Research

Transportation and Integer Programming
Martin Grötschel, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB), DFG-Forschungszentrum "Mathematik für Schlüsseltechnologien," and Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Complex Networks, Search Algorithms, and the Evolution of the Web
Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University

Internet Vulnerabilities: A Look at Some Problems and Possible Solutions
Tom Leighton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Akamai Technologies, Inc.

The Structure of Claw-Free Graphs
Paul Seymour, Princeton University

Tropical Geometry and Its Applications
Bernd Sturmfels, University of California, Berkeley

Old Problems and New Results in Coding Theory
Alexander Vardy, University of California, San Diego

A Word Count Statistic in Computational Biology
Michael Waterman, University of Southern California

Funding Agency

SIAM and the conference organizing committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the National Science Foundation for their support of this conference.


SIAM acknowledges the support provided by Vanderbilt University.  In particular, SIAM thanks the Department of Mathematics for hosting the Sunday night reception, the Microcomputer Laboratories of the College of Arts and Science for providing email access, and the Science and Engineering Library for providing library facilities.

Invited Minisymposia

Mike Albertson
Graph Colorings

Alexander Barg
Geometric and Combinatorial Methods in Coding Theory

Anne Bergeron
Genome Rearrangements

Tom Bohman and Benny Sudakov
Probabilistic Combinatorics

Andreas Brandstädt
Clique-width of Graph Classes: Properties, Related Concepts, Applications

Francesco Brenti and Greg Warrington
Combinatorics of Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials, Schubert Varieties and Lie Algebras

Guantao Chen and Xingxing Yu
Cycles and Paths in Graphs, I and II

Eddie Cheng
Stable Sets and Stable Multisets

Fan Chung
Title TBA

Jeff Erickson
Computational Geometry

Luis Goddyn and C.Q. Zhang
Flows and Colorings

James Haglund, Jennifer Morse and Jeffrey Remmel
Macdonald Polynomials and the Combinatorics of Diagonal Harmonics, I and II

Sorin Istrail
SNPs, Haplotypes, and Disease Associations

Andre Kündgen and Dhruv Mubayi
Extremal Combinatorics

Gary MacGillivray
Graph Homomorphisms

John Maharry
Graph Minors

Lucia Moura and Brett Stevens
Design Theory

James Oxley
Matroid Theory

Frank Ruskey
Sequencing of Combinatorial Objects

László Székely and Farhad Shahrokhi
Discrete Geometry, I and II

William T. Trotter
Ordered Sets

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