Accepted Papers

I/O-efficient Point Location using Persistent B-Trees
Lars Arge and Andrew Danner and Sha-Mayn Teh

Fast Prefix Matching of Bounded Strings
Adam L. Buchsbaum and Glenn S. Fowler and Balachander Kirshnamurthy and Kiem-Phong Vo and Jia Wang

The Cutting-stock Approach to Bin Packing: Theory and Experiments
David L. Applegate and Luciana S. Buriol and Bernard L. Dillard and David S. Johnson and Peter W. Shor

The Markov Chain Simulation Method for Generating Connected Power Law Random Graphs
Christos Gkantsidis and Milena Mihail and Ellen Zegura

Finding the k Shortest Simple Paths: A New Algorithm and its Implementation,
John Hershberger and Matthew Maxel and Subhash Suri

Computing Core-Sets and Approximate Smallest Enclosing HyperSpheres in High Dimensions
Piyush Kumar and Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Alper Yildirim

Cache-Conscious Sorting of Large Sets of Strings with Dynamic Tries
Ranjan Sinha and Justin Zobel

Interpolation over Light Fields with Applications in Computer Graphics
F. Betul Atalay and David M. Mount

Practical Construction of Metric t-Spanners
Gonzalo Navarro and Rodrigo Paredes

On the Implementation of a Swap-based Local Search Procedure for the p-Median Problem
Mauricio G. C. Resende and Renato F. Werneck

Efficient Exact Geometric Predicates for Delaunay Triangulations
Olivier Devillers and Sylvain Pion

Train Routing Algorithms: Concepts, Design Choices, and Practical Considerations
Luzi Anderegg and Stephan Eidenbenz and Martin Gantenbein and Christoph Stamm and David Scot Taylor and Birgitta Weber and Peter Widmayer


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