8:05-8:10am Welcome
8:10-9:00am Generating Symmetric Venn Diagrams
Carla Savage, North Carolina State University
9:00-9:20am Coffee Break
9:20-9:45am Generating Random Outerplanar Graphs
Manuel Bodirsky and Mihyun Kang, Humboldt University
9:45-10:10am Speeding up Enumeration Algorithms with Amortized Analysis
Takeaki Uno, National Institute of Informatics, JAPAN
10:10-10:35am Graphs Induced by Gray Codes
Elizabeth Wilmer, Oberlin College and Michael Ernst, MIT
10:35-11:25am Automatic Aymptotics for Multivariate Generating Functions
Robin Pemantle, Ohio State University
11:25-11:50am Singularity Analysis of Hadamard Products
Nevin Kapur, Johns Hopkins University
11:50am-1:30pm Break for Lunch
1:30-2:20pm A Fast Gray Code Listing of the Perfect Elimination Orderings of a Chordal Graph
Frank Ruskey, University of Victoria
2:20-2:45pm Applying an Antimatoid Result to Efficiently List All Simple Elimination Orderings of a Strongly Chordal Graph
Joe Sawada, University of Toronto
2:45-3:10pm Counting Feynman Diagrams
Robert Robinson, University of Georgia
3:10-3:35pm Enumeration of Best Possible Low Degree Expanders
Stefan Hougardy and Ivo Köthnig, Humboldt University
3:35-4:00pm Coffee Break
4:00-4:50pm Sampling Colorings and Independent Sets
Eric Vigoda, University of Chicago

An Optimal Algorithm to Generate Tilings
Sébastien Desreux, University of Paris and Eric Rémila, ENS-Lyon

5:15-5:40pm On the Enumeration of Minimal Covers and Minimal Forbidden Sets
Frederik Stork, ILOG and Marc Uetz, Maastricht University
5:40-6:05pm Efficient Enumeration of Extremal Rounding Boundary Instances for IEEE Standard Floating Point Division
Lee McFearin and David Matula, Southern Methodist University
6:05-6:30pm Stable Marriages with Multiple Partners
Vipul Bansal, Adobe Systems, Aseem Agrawal, IBM, and Varun Malhotra, Stanford University
End of Conference.

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