Monday, July 10

Control and Applications

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Rio Mar 9
Chair: Rafael de la Guardia Gonzales, Washington University, USA

10:30-10:42 Duality Method for Parametric Controlling of Chaotic Systems: An Potentially Powerful New Approach and Applications
David Yang Gao, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
10:45-10:57 Convergence of Nonconvergent Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods in Direct Transcription for Optimal Control
John T. Betts, The Boeing Company, USA; Neil D. Biehn and S. L. Campbell, North Carolina State University, USA; and William P. Huffman, The Boeing Company, USA
11:00-11:12 Robust Feedback Stability for Time-Delay Systems
Richard C. H. Lee, L. H. Yim, and S.P. Yung, University of Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
11:15-11:27 A Design of Pole Assignment Control Systems for a Discrete-Time Multivariable Plant with Measurement Noise
Wataru Kase, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan
11:30-11:42 Cancelled Numerical Solution of Time-Delayed Functional Differential Equations
Gamal Elnagar, University of South Carolina, Spartanburg, USA
11:45-11:57 A Differential Game Formulation for Agile Control of Military Missions
Alternate speaker is: Rafael de la Guardia Gonzales, Washington University, USA
12:00-12:12 On the Stabilization of the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Equation with Localized Damping
Carlos Frederico Vasconcellos, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12:15-12:27 Modeling and Control of Gas Flow and Nonlinear Surface Reactions in a High-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor
Scott C. Beeler, Hien T. Tran, Grace M. Kepler, and H.T. Banks, North Carolina State University, USA
12:30-12:42 Low Rank Solution of Lyapunov Equations and Balanced Model Reduction by Implicit Restarting
D. C. Sorensen and A. C. Antoulas, Rice University, USA

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