Tuesday, July 11

Dynamical Systems and Applications II

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
El Moro 1
Chair: Lora Billings, Naval Research Laboratory, USA

10:30-10:42 Tracking Sustained Chaos - A New Segmentation Method
Ioana Triandaf and Ira B. Schwartz, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA
10:45-10:57 Cancelled Higher Order Conditions for Periodic Orbit
M. Tadi, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA
11:00-11:12 A Nonsymmetric Nonholonomic Dynamical Problem
Leon Bahar, Drexel University, USA
11:15-11:27 Integrable Normal Forms for Polynomial Planar Hamiltonians
Jesús Palacián and Patricia Yanguas, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain
11:30-11:42 Chaotic Piecewise-Linear Transformation
Lora Billings, Naval Research Laboratory, USA: and Erik M. Bollt, US Naval Academy, USA
11:45-11:57 Two Parameter Bifurcation and Global Stability in a Predator-Prey System With a Functional Response
B. S. Attili, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia
12:00-12:12 Rigid-Body Dynamics Is Not the Limit as Stiffness Goes to Infinity
David E. Stewart, University of Iowa, USA
12:15-12:27 Is a Hopf Bifurcation Responsible for Ice Ages?
Andrei Korobeinikov and Alex McNabb, University of Auckland, New Zealand

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