Wednsday, July 12

Computational Biology

10:30 AM-12:45 PM
El Moro 2
Chair: Raymond Mejia, National Institutes of Health, USA

10:30-10:42 A Fast Newton's Algorithm for Entropy Maximization for Phase Determination
George Phillips, Richard A. Tapia, Zhijun Wu and Yin Zhang, Rice University, USA
10:45-10:57 How Can the Protein Folding Problem be Mapped onto a Million-Processor PIM Array to Achieve Petaflop Performance?
Shannon K. Kuntz, Richard C. Murphy, Michael T. Niemier, Jesus A. Izaguirre, and Peter M. Kogge, University of Notre Dame, USA
11:00-11:12 Cancelled Global Optimization on Funneling Landscapes
Robert H. Leary, University of California, San Diego, USA
11:15-11:27 Factorization-Free Methods for Normal Coordinate Analysis
Chao Yang, D. W. Noid and B. G. Sumpter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
11:30-11:42 Molecular Distance Geometry
Zhijun Wu, Rice University
11:45-11:57 Incorporating Wavelet Transforms on DNA Processing Algorithms
Yosef Gavriel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
12:00-12:12 Database for Design of Microarray Probes for Renal Tissues
John Legato, Mark A. Knepper, Robert Star, and Raymond Mejia, National Institutes of Health, USA
12:15-12:27 A Network Programming Approach for Ecodevelopment
Yaw Chang, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA; and Alan J. Goldman, The Johns Hopkins University, USA
12:30-12:42 A Mathematical Model of Benzene Metabolism In Vivo
Cammey E. Cole and Hien T. Tran, North Carolina State University, USA; and Paul M. Schlosser, Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, USA

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