Monday, July 10

Dynamical Systems and Applications I

4:00 PM -6:00 PM
Rio Mar 10
Chair: David O. Olagunju, University of Delaware, USA

4:00-4:12 Can Two Unstable Waves Make a Stable Pulse?
Monica Romeo and Christopher K. R. T. Jones, Brown University, USA
4:15-4:27 Wave Drift, Backwards Movement and Self-Annihilation in a FitzHugh-Nagumo(FN) System
A. Rabinovitch and M. Gutman, Ben-Gurion University, Israel; and I. Aviram, Israel
4:30-4:42 Dynamics of Localized Structures in Vectorial Waves
Pere Colet, Emilio Hernandez-Garcia, Miguel Hoyuelos, and Maxi San Miguel, Universitat Illes Balears, Spain
4:45-4:57 Aerodynamics of a Moving Curveball in Navier-Stokes Flow
Joey Y. Huang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
5:00-5:12 Transition to Chaos in Torsional Flow of an Upper Convected Maxwell Fluid
David O. Olagunju, University of Delaware, USA
5:15-5:27 Cancelled Inverse Cascade in Film Flows
Igor L. Kliakhandler, Northwestern University, USA
5:30-5:42 An Investigation of Interfacial Instabilities in Superposed Pressure - Driven Channel Flow of Newtonian and Oldroyd-B Fluids
Mary Ann Clarke and Y. Renardy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA; and B. Khomami and K. C. Su, Washington University, USA
5:45-5:57 Dynamics of Large Arrays of Non-Identical Solid State Lasers
Ricardo A. Oliva and Steven H. Strogatz, Cornell University, USA

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