Monday, July 10

Methods in Linear Algebra

4:00 PM -6:00 PM
Caribbean 1
Chair: Narayan Debnath, Winona State University, USA

4:00-4:12 Using the Cauchy Integral Formula and the Partial Fractions Decomposition of the Resolvent to Estimate | f(A) |
Anne Greenbaum, University of Washington, USA
4:15-4:27 Cancelled An Improved Detection of Bifurcations in Large Nonlinear Systems Via the Continuation of Invariant Subspaces Algorithm
M. J. Friedman, University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA
4:30-4:42 The Left Conjugate Gradient Method for Nonsymmetric Systems
Jin Yun Yuan, UFPR, Brazil; Gene H. Golub, Stanford University, USA; and Robert Plemmons, Wake Forest University, USA
4:45-4:57 Euclidean Type GCD Theorems for Positive Operators
Mohammad R. Khadivi, Jackson State University, USA
5:00-5:12 Efficiency as a Function of System's Architecture
Wayne J. Zimmermann and Marie-Anne Demuynck, Texas Woman's University, USA
5:15-5:27 Eigenstructure of a Special Three-diagonal Matrix
David J. Gorsich, Marc G. Genton, and Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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