Monday, July 10

Rhythms in the Nervous System: Synchronization and Beyond

9:15 AM-10:00 AM
Room: Rio Mar 5
Chair: Barbara L. Keyfitz, University of Houston, and Brown University, USA

The nervous system displays many rhythms. Some of these rhythms, in the gamma (30-80 Hz) and beta (12-30 Hz) frequency ranges, are associated with creation of synchronous "cell assemblies", thought to be used in distributed processing of sensory input and in cognition. Using ideas from dynamical systems, the speaker will address questions of how these rhythms come about, what creates the synchronization, and how mathematics can suggest functional implications for the dynamics. The analysis shows that different frequency ranges arise for different biophysical reasons, and that the latter affects the synchronization properties and responses to incoming activation.

Nancy Kopell
Department of Mathematics
Boston University, USA
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