Tuesday, July 11

Preconditioning for Flow and Wave-Propagation Problems

4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Caribbean 2

When solving many partial differential equations (PDE), large linear(ised) systems of equations arise. For applications, particularly in 3D, direct solution methods are often prohibitive. Iterative methods provide a viable alternative, but usually an effective preconditioner is critical to obtain fast convergence. For many elliptic PDE efficient preconditioning methods are well established. For more general problems involving flow and/or wave propagation, the situation is less clear; however,significant progress has been made in the last few years. The speakers in this minisymposium will present theoretical underpinning as well as numerical results for preconditioning techniques applicable to these problems.

Organizers: Sverker Holmgren
Uppsala University, Sweden
Andy Wathen
Oxford University, United Kingdom
4:00-4:25 A Flexible Solver for the Helmholtz Equation
Elisabeth Larssonand Kurt Otto, Uppsala University, Sweden; and Sverker Holmgren, Organizer
4:30-4:55 Cancelled Fundamental Solution Preconditioners for Fluid Flow Problem
Daniel Loghin, Oxford University, United Kingdom
5:00-5:25 Multigrid Preconditioning for Convection-Diffusion Problems on Stretched Grids
Alison Ramage, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
5:30-5:55 Preconditioning Techniques for Indefinite Linear Systems
Valeria Simoncini, Instituto di Analisi Numerica - CNR, Italy.

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