Wednesday, July 12

Eulerian Methods for Multiphase Geometrical Optics

4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Rio Mar 5

Classical ray tracing methods for geometrical optics may be intractable either in low density zones where very few rays enter or, on the contrary, near caustics where a multi-valued phase appears as rays are crossing. Finite difference or finite elements upwind methods for solving the associated Hamilton-Jacobi PDE provide control on the space resolution of the solution but only give the minimum phase where the geometrical optics solution is multi-valued. The speakers in this minisymposium will present four recent and different numerical methods designed to compute the multi-valued solution without using ray tracing.

Organizers: Jean-David Benamou
INRIA-Rocquencourt, France
William W. Symes
Rice University, USA
4:00-4:25 Accurate Slowness Matching for Multiarrival Traveltime
William W. Symes, Organizer
4:30-4:55 Dynamic Surface Extension: A New Eulerian Computational Method for the Propagation of Short Wave Equation Pulses
John Steinhoff, The University of Tennessee Space Institute, USA
5:00-5:25 The Segment Projection Method for Geometrical Optics
Olof Runborg, Princeton University, USA
5:30-5:55 Tools and Algorithms for the Numerical Computation of Multivalued Phase-space Solutions in Geometrical Optics
Jean-David Benamou, Organizer

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