Thursday, July 13

Edge Detection: Applications to Computer Tomography Problems

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Rio Mar 9

The speakers in this minisymposium will address the importance of edge detection in the application to computer tomography problems. They will discuss various techniques, including Fourier, segmentation methods and edge detection techniques based on knowledge of (pseudo-) spectral data. The speakers will also discuss applications..

Organizer: Anne E. Gelb
Arizona State University, USA
10:30-10:55 Direct Fourier Methods for Computer Tomography
Patrik Forssen, Uppsala University, Sweden
11:00-11:25 Edge Detection and Applications to Computer Tomography Problems
Anne E. Gelb, Organizer
11:30-11:55 Edge Detection in a Periodic Function
H. N. Mhaskar, California State University, Los Angeles, USA
12:00-12:25 Image Segmentation Techniques in MRI
Rick Archibald, Arizona State University, USA

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