Friday, July 14

On the Links Between Different Models of Uncertainty

9:15 AM-11:45 AM
Rio Mar 3

Probabilistic methods have been the only mathematical tool that have been used in the past to model uncertainty . Yet, can we claim that all situations follow the rule of betting? During the past few decades, much research has been conducted to study alternative, more successful, methods. The speakers in this mini symposium will examine a few of the alternative successful techniques that have recently been implemented in modern technology. Very well-known researchers will participate to show and discuss the alternatives they have used successfully.

Organizers: Marialuisa N. McAllister
Moravian College, USA
Etienne Kerre
University of Gent, Belgium
9:15-9:40 Embedding Numerical Possibility Theory into the Behavioral Theory of Imprecise Probabilities
Gert DeCooman, Universiteit Gent, Belgium
9:45-10:10 Mixed Models of Uncertainty
Daniel Ralescu, University of Cincinnati, USA
10:15-10:40 On the Connection Between Different Theories of Uncertainty
Etienne Kerre, Organizer
10:45-11:10 Fuzzy Graphs
Marialuisa McAllister, Organizer
11:15-11:40 Title to be determined
Hans-Jurgen Zimmermann, RWTH-Aachen, Germany

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