2000 SIAM Annual Meeting

Tuesday, July 11

Graduate Student Poster Session and Dessert Reception

8:30 PM-10:30 PM
Rio Mar Foyer

Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors and Stagnation of GMRES
Ilya Zavorin, Dianne P. O'Leary and Howard Elman, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Cancelled Distributed Learning for the Traffic Assignment Problem
John P. Curran, Brown University, USA
Using Quadtrees for Efficient Assembly of Stiffness Matrices in Meshfree Galerkin Methods
Christopher Cartwright, Suely Oliveira, and David E. Stewart, University of Iowa, USA
Model for Particle Deposition in the Lung
Rebecca A. Segal and Michael Shearer, North Carolina State University, USA
Model Approximation and Feedback Control using the Principal Orthogonal Decomposition Method
Pei-Wen Hsu, Hung V. Ly, and Maijian Qian, California State University at Fullerton, USA
Optimal Sampling Schemes for the Discrete Fourier Transform
Brandoch Calef, University of California, Berkeley, USA
On Consolidation of an Aerated Fine Powder
Kristy A. Coffey and Pierre A. Gremaud, North Carolina State University, USA
Matrix Factorization Representation and Implementation of 3D Fast Multipole Methods
Victor P. Pauca, Adolfo F. Rodriguez, and Xiaobai Sun, Duke University, USA
Adaptive Total Variation in Image Restoration
Thomas Wunderli and Yunmei Chen, University of Florida, USA
Transition Layer Dynamics of One-dimensional Viscoelastic System in Time Discretization Method
Hyeona Lim, Michigan State University, USA
A Traveling Salesman Problem
Kathleen Bellino, James Madison University, USA; and Rekha Narasimhan, Arizona State University, USA
Maps for Traveling Salesperson Problems
Melissa Desjarlais, Alma College, USA
A 3-Dimensional Traveling Salesperson Problem
James T. Williams, Morehouse College, USA

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