Airport Transportation Form

RM Transport
Westin Rio Mar, 6000 Rio Mar Boulevard,
Rio Grande, P.R. 00745-6100

Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
July 5 -14, 2000

Airport Transportation Form from Airport to Westin Rio Mar Resort

Please complete this request form to ensure the special rate of $22.50 one way ($45.00 round trip).
We ask that you print or type to ensure legibility.

Full Name: _____________________________

Address: _______________________________

City:___________________________________ E- Mail:_________________

Work telephone: ___________________ Fax number:____________________

Arrival Flight Information:

Date: ___________________ Airline:_______________ Arrival Time: ___________

Number of guest(s) that will use RM transport:_____________

Departure Flight information:

Please dial Westin Rio Mar Resort extension 6965 to reconfirm your departure reservation.

Date: __________________ Airline: ________________ Flight Dep Time:____________

RM Transport is the official transportation company for the Westin Rio Mar. Upon arrival, proceed to the baggage area. One of the Westin Rio Mar airport agents holding a Westin Rio Mar sign will be on hand to assist you. Transportation may be charged to your room or credit card upon arrival.

RM Transport
Westin Rio Mar
6000 Rio Mar Boulevard
Rio Grande, P.R. 00745-6100

Please fax form to RM Transport (787) 888-6619 or (787) 888-6768

If you have any questions please call us at (787) 888-6965 or 888-6639


The regular fare without reservation is $25.00 one way ($50.00 round trip)

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