2000 SIAM Annual Meeting

Tuesday, July 11

K-12 Teachers' Day: A Glimpse into Real-World Applications of Mathematics

8:30 AM-3:30 PM
Rio Mar 1 & 2

SIAM continues its series of workshops on applied mathematics for K-12 teachers at recent Annual Meetings with a full-day program developed in cooperation with the Puerto Rico Statewide Systemic Initiative sponsored by NSF. The Annual Meeting's early morning plenary session on mathematics education reform sets the stage for activities particularly appropriate for middle-and high-school teachers. Two hands-on, one-hour workshop sessions focused on applications complement a short talk on how mathematics is used in real life situations in industrial consulting. The day concludes with a panel discussion by several recent minority applied mathematics graduates on their personal work experiences since receiving their Ph.D. degrees in applied mathematics.

Organizers: Norma Davila
Puerto Rico State Systemic Initiative, Puerto Rico
Cynthia Lanius
Rice University, USA
Leon H. Seitelman
University of Connecticut, USA


8:00 Registration (Atrium, lower level)
8:30 Ken Kennedy, Rice University, will speak on "Long Term Information Technology Research: Meeting the PITAC Challenge
9:15 William Schmidt, Michigan State University, Third International Mathematics and Science Study, will speak on "Using TIMSS to Access Science Education Around the World"

The 8:30 and 9:15 presentations will take place in Rio Mar 5.

10:00 Coffee break (Exhibit Hall)
10:30 Workshop I
11:30 Stanley J. Benkoski, West Valley College, will speak on "Teaching Mathematical Thinking"

12:15 Lunch break
1:15 Workshop II
2:15 Panel Discussion
3:15 Reflections
3:30 Adjourns

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