2000 SIAM Annual Meeting

Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available so please visit this page often.

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Date Session Time Update
7/9/00 MS45, MS51, & MS59 Speaker & topics reordered
MS63 5:30 PM Added: K. Buschelman
MS58 4:00 PM Cancelled: A. Vasseur
CP13 5:30 PM Cancelled: D. Kim
CP20 11:30 AM Cancelled: M. Kropinski
MS61 5:00 PM Added: J. Weatherly
MS61 5:00 PM W. Henshaw moved to MS55
MS31 4:30 PM Cancelled: D. Loghin
MS51 11:00 AM Cancelled: M. Hamed
MS45 5:30 PM Cancelled: W. Hallman
7/5/00 CP10 10:30 AM Cancelled: D. Roose
CP8 4:15 PM Cancelled: J. Bell
6/29/00 MS13 4:30 PM Cancelled: T. Jackson
MS16 12:00 PM S. Ellermeyer moved to MS26
MS26 4:00 PM S. Ellermeyer replaces W. Schaffer
MS34 10:30 AM Session talks re-ordered
MS29 4:00 PM Session cancelled - see MS34
MS58 6:00 PM Cancelled: R. Ilner
CP4 10:45 AM Cancelled: D. Yang
MS34 11:30 AM Cancelled: W. Rundell
MS55 10:30 AM Cancelled: M. Zyda
MS34 10:30 AM Cancelled: J. Zou
MS32 11:30 AM A. Yezzi replaces H. Zhao
CP19 12:00 PM Cancelled: O. Zernov
MS9 5:00 PM Cancelled: J. Velasco-Hernandez
CP8 5:00 PM Cancelled: R. Shivaji
MS26 4:00 PM Cancelled: W. Schaffer
MS37 10:30 AM Cancelled: P. Nelson
CP7 5:15 PM Cancelled: I. Kliakhandler
MS16 11:30 AM Cancelled: A. King
Poster Session 8:30 PM Cancelled: H. Kaneko, C. Shuran, & A. Sasamoto
CP5 5:30 PM

Cancelled: E. Capobianco

CP2 12:00 PM Cancelled: I. Ignatenko
CP14 4:00 PM Cancelled: E. van Henson
CP9 4:15 PM Cancelled: M. Friedman
MS43 4:30 PM Cancelled: I. Gamba
CP1 11:30 AM Cancelled: G. Elnagar
CP3 10:45 AM Cancelled: I. Castillo
MS27 4:00 PM Speakers re-ordered
6/18/00 Panel Discussion: Government Funding Agencies 6:30 PM-7:30 PM Added on Monday, July 10
MS35 12:00 PM Cancelled: J. Dolbeault
CP10 11:45 AM Cancelled: Chin-Yun Chen
CP17 5:30 PM Cancelled: H. Ozaktas
MS52 11:30 AM Cancelled: M. J. Baines
Poster Session Cancelled: K. Friesen, F. Shic, N. Panagiotacopulos, & C. Alabiso
6/12/00 MS29 5:00 PM Cancelled: A. G. Yagola
Diversity Workshop Program revised
CP11 10:45 AM Cancelled: M. Tadi
CP16 11:00 AM Cancelled: R. Leary
Graduate Student Poster Session Cancelled: J. Curran
Poster Session Cancelled: H. Munoz & S. Rouy
CP10 11:30 AM Cancelled: J. Seguel
6/8/00 Special Session 9:15 AM U. Treisman replaces W. Schmidt
CP21 4:45 PM R. Shivaji moved to CP8
CP8 5:00 PM Added: R. Sgivaji
MS12 4:00 PM Added: Student Paper Prize Winners
MS3 10:30 AM Entire session cancelled
MS30 4:30 PM I. Gasser replaces Naoufel Ben Abdaalah
MS28 4:00 PM R. LeVeque replaces J. Lucero
5/18/00 CP12 5:15 PM Cancelled: E. A. Galperin
Poster Session Cancelled: A. Elcrat
MS46 6:00 PM Added: E. J. Candes
5/15/00 CP19 12:15 PM Added: O. P. V. Villagran
5/7/00 MS65 10:45 AM M. Katsoulakis replaces A. E. Tzavaras
CP22 9:15 AM New session added
CP1 12:30 PM Added: D. Sorensen
CP2 12: 15 PM & 12:30 PM Added: N. A. Pierce & E. R. Barnes
CP3 12:00 PM & 12:15 PM Added: J. C. Strikwerda and Barbara Margolius
CP4 12:15 PM Added: L. A. Vese
CP5 5:15 PM & 5: 30 PM Added: G. Petrova & E. Capobianco
CP6 5:15 PM & 5: 30 PM Added: J. Park & R. Escalante
CP7 5: 30 PM & 5: 45 PM Added: Mary Ann Clarke & Ricardo A. Oliva
4:45 PM
Added: R. C. Pires added
CP10 12:00 PM & 12:15 PM Added: W. H. Enright & N. A. Pierce
CP11 12:15 PM Added: A.Korobeinikov
CP12 5: 45 PM & 6:00 PM Added: S. N. Patnaik & H. José Bortolossi
CP13 5:00 PM, 5:15 PM, & 5: 30 PM Added: R. Kupferman, José D. Flores, & D. Kim
CP15 12:00 PM & 12: 15 PM Added: X.-Z. Tang & B. Wang
CP19 11:45 AM & 12:00 PM Added: Mi-Young Kim & Oleksandr E. Zernov
CP20 12:00 PM Added: G. L Dent
Poster Session Added: M. P. Pariychuk
4/27/00 MS67 10:45 AM D. Dobson replaces W. Symes
CP13 5:00 PM Cancelled: R. Abbasian
MS5 All session talks updated
Graduate Student Poster Added: K. Bellino, M. Desjarlais, & J. T. Williams
4/20/00 MS65 10:45 AM Moved: A. E. Tzavaras to MS30

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