2001 SIAM Annual Meeting, July 9-13, 2001, Town and Country Resort Hotel, San Diego, California

Prizes and Awards

During the meeting, SIAM will award the following prizes:

Wednesday, July 11
10:30 AM

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)
SIAM presents a cash award, a certificate and a three-year student membership in SIAM to each member of the three-member undergraduate student teams judged "Outstanding" in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, which takes place annually in early spring. One winning team is selected for each of the two problems presented in the competition.
This year’s recipients:

Problem A: Team from U.S. Military Academy, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Matthew Adams
Nicholas Howard
Zachariah Miller
Faculty advisor: Major Donovan D. Phillips

Problem B: Team from Wake Forest University, Department of Mathematics
Adam Dickey
Corey Houmand
Andrew Pruett
Faculty advisor: Professor Miaohua Jiang

3:15 PM

The SIAM Student Paper Prizes
Students in good standing who have not yet received Ph.Ds may submit papers in applied and computational mathematics for this annual competition. To be eligible, a paper must be singly authored and must not have been previously published or submitted for publication. Three winning papers are chosen.
This year’s recipients:

Periodic Solutions for Second-order Differential Equations with Singularities and the Strong Force Condition
Rogério Martins, University of Lisbon, Portugal
A Stable Algorithm for Computing Matrix pth Roots
Matthew I. Smith, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
An Introduction to Quantum Chaos
Mason A. Porter, Cornell University

5:20 PM

The W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize in Mathematics
This prize is awarded for research in, or other contributions to, the broadly defined areas of differential equations and control theory. Each prize may be given either for a single notable achievement or a collection of such achievements. The prize is given each year at the annual meeting of SIAM.
This year’s recipient and lecturer: Eduardo Sontag, Rutgers University

6:05 PM

I.E. Block Community Lecture
The Block Lecture was established in l994 to honor Managing Director Emeritus I. E. Block. This lecture is always presented at the SIAM Annual Meeting.
This year’s recipient: Steven H. Strogatz, Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University

Friday, July 13
8:30 AM

The James H. Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
The Wilkinson prize, established in 1979, is awarded for research in, or other contributions to, numerical analysis and scientific computing the six years preceding the award. The Wilkinson prize is given every fourth year at the SIAM Annual Meeting.
This year’s recipient and lecturer: Thomas Yizhao Hou, California Institute of Technology

9:15 AM

The John von Neumann Lecture
Established in 1959, this prize is awarded to a mathematician, or a scientist in another field, who has made distinguished contribution to pure and /or applied mathematics. This award is normally given every year at the SIAM Annual Meeting
This year’s recipient and lecturer: David Donoho, Stanford University

Other Prizes

The Ralph E. Kleinman Prize

The Ralph E. Kleinman prize is awarded to one individual for outstanding research, or other contributions, that bridge the gap between mathematics and applications. Work that uses high-level mathematics and/or invents new mathematical tools to solve applied problems from engineering, science, and technology is particularly appropriate. The value of the work will be measured by the quality of the mathematics and its impact on the application. Each prize may be given either for a single notable achievement or for a collection of such achievements. This year's recipient is: William W. Symes, Rice University.

The SIAM Outstanding Paper Prizes

SIAM will award three prizes each year, beginning in 1999, for outstanding papers published in SIAM journals. The Prize Committee should seek papers that exhibit originality -- for example, papers that bring a fresh look at an existing field or that open up new areas of applied mathematics. The Committee is urged to give special consideration to younger authors. This year's recipients are:

The Geometry of Algorithms with Orthogonality Constraints
SIAM J. on Matrix Analysis and Applications 20(2) 1999 pp. 303-353

Tomás A. Arias, Alan Edelman, and Steven T. Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
SIAM J. on Scientific Computing 19(3) 1998 pp.968-994

Michele Benzi, Scientific Computing Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Miroslav Tuma, Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Data Oscillation and Convergence of Adaptive FEM
SIAM J. on Numerical Analysis 38(2) 2000 pp. 466-488

Pedro Morin and Ricardo H. Nochetto, University of Maryland, College Park
Kunibert G. Siebert, Universität Freiburg, Germany

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