2001 SIAM Annual Meeting, July 9-13, 2001, Town and Country Resort Hotel, San Diego, California


Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available so please visit this page often.

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Date Posted Date and Time Session Change/Comments
6/27/01 7/9/01, 4:00 PM CP2 Velazquez talk cancelled
6/17/01 7/9/01, 10:30 AM MS1 Peter McCoy to speak in place of Reza Malek-Madani.
7/9/01, 12:00 PM MS2 Li-Tien Cheng to speak in place of Xu-Dong Lui. New talk title "Level Set Method for Constructing Surfaces Arising from the Minkowski Problem.
7/9/01, 11:30 AM MS7 Wonho Oh to speak in place of Roman Samulyak.
7/9/01, 5:00 PM CP3 Rodrigues talk cancelled.
7/09/01, 5:15 PM MS16 Co-authors added to Dinh talk
7/10/01, 4:30 PM CP6 Jing-Rebecca Li talk added "Low Rank Solution of Lyapunov Equations."
7/10/01, 3:15 PM CP7 Bart Truyen talk moved to MS25.
7/11/01, 11:15 AM CP10 M.A. Aziz-Alaoui talk cancelled.
7/11/01, 11:15 AM CP9 Anthony Davis talk cancelled.
7/11/01, 11:00 AM MS43 Zhilin Li to speak in place of Robert Tzou. New talk title "Maximum Principle Preserving Algorithms for Parabolic Interface Problems."
7/11/01, 4:15 PM CP11 Rakesh talk cancelled.
7/11/01, 4:15 PM CP11 Vladimir Gontar talk moved to Friday, CP15 at 10:30.
7/11/01, 3:45 PM MS52 Seongjai Kim to speak in place of Yusheng Feng. New talk title "Non-Oscillatory Crank-Nicolson Schemes for Convection-Dominated Diffusion Flows"
7/12/01, 10:45 AM CP12 Berger talk cancelled.
7/12/01, 3:45 PM CP13 Vanin talk cancelled.
7/12/01, 3:15 PM CP13 Decan Ivanovic to speak in place of Xu-Dong Liu. New talk title "Laminar-turbulent Control in Separation Region of Magnetohydrodynamic Unsteady Boundry Layer on Porous Contour in Four Parametric and Twice Localized Approximation."
7/12/01, 4:15 PM MS75 Laurent Gosse to speake in place of Xiantao Li. New talk title "Balance Laws with Measure Source Terms and Well-balanced Schemes."
7/12/01, 6:15 PM Poster Rafael Diaz, poster added "Design and Analysis for Cluster Randomized Trials with Dichotomous Outcomes."
7/12/01, 6:15 PM Poster Feng-Jang Hwang poster cancelled.
7/12/01, 6:15 PM Poster Ivan Gandzha poster cancelled.
7/12/01, Session Poster Navasca title changed to "Local Solution of the Dynamic Programming Equations for Discrete-Time Optimal Control
7/13/01, 10:30 AM CP15 David Gay talk cancelled.
7/13/01, 11:30 CP15 Jon Lee talk moved to the Poster Session on Thursday at 6:15 PM.
7/13/01,4:00 PM CP17 Anne Burbeau talk cancelled.
7/13/01, 3:45 PM MS93 William Hart talk cancelled.
6/14/01 7/13/01, 4:30 PM CP17 Wallwork talk cancelled
7/12/01, 3:30 PM CP14 Tseng talk cancelled
7/12/01, 11:15 AM CP12 Hsu talk cancelled
6/10/01 7/13/01, Session MS94 Speakers reordered
Vrushali Bokil's talk "A 2-D Finite Element Formulation of the Uniaxial Perfectly Matched Layer" replaces Reitich talk
6/6/01 7/11/01, 10:45 AM CP8 Rakesh talk cancelled
7/13/01, 11:00 AM MS86 Stantz changed to speaker
5/29/01 7/13/01, Sesson MS91 Session cancelled
7/12/01, 5:00 PM CP13 Xu-Dong cancelled
7/12/01, 3:15 PM CP13 Xu-Dong cancelled
7/9/01, 12:00 PM MS2 Xu-Dong cancelled
7/11/01, 3:32 PM MS52 Kim replaces Feng

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