Your resume is important! Recruiters will receive electronic copies of the Resume Book about a week before the Career Fair, as well as a hard-copy version at the event. Some recruiters will use the Resume Book to schedule private interviews with selected candidates.


There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the following requirements:

  1. One page only.
  2. No photos or graphics permitted.
  3. Resumes must be submitted electronically as MS Word files.
  4. The filename must be your last name followed by your first name. For example, John Smith should name his resume SmithJohn.doc (The resumes will be alphabetized by filename.)
  5. The first few lines must contain (only) your contact information, centered and formatted as follows:

    156 Main Street
    New York, NY 99999
    Tel: (212) 657-7684

In particular:

  1. Your name should come first, in capital letters, bold type, one point larger than the rest of your contact information, centered.
  2. Your address and phone number should be in regular type, centered. Give only one phone number.
  3. Your email address (and, if desired, your web address) should be in regular type, centered. Additional stylistic advice is given below.


  1. You must submit your resume no later than Wednesday, June 7, 2006 to  Use subject line "SIAM 2006 Career Fair Resume - LAST NAME." It is also necessary for you to pre-register for the 2006 Annual Meeting by this date.  If you do not pre-register by June 7, your resume will not be included in the Resume Booklet.
  2. Prepare and edit your resume carefully. You may submit just one version; subsequent modified versions will NOT be accepted.
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