Cell Talk

Bud Mishra
Courant Institute, New York University, New York

Freeman Dyson, in his 1985 Tarner Lectures, asked: "Is Life one thing or two things? Is there a logical connection between metabolism and replication? Can we imagine metabolic life without replication, or replicative life without metabolism?".

As the study of the genomes and proteomes have become amenable to computational analysis to decipher "part-lists" of life (e.g. genes, mRNA's, proteins, promoters, etc.), it may now be possible to address Dyson's questions with algorithmic tools based on dynamical systems, control theory and computational logic to study complex metabolic pathways.

This talk introduces the concept of algebraic differential automata (ADA) systems to model biological processes, and how we plan to use them to interpret co-cultivation experiment data modulated by intercellular signalling.

Created: 5/6/02 DAR
Edited: 5/6/02