Sunday, September 24

Totally Nonnegative Matrices - Part I of II

10:30 AM-12:30 PM

This Session has been Cancelled

A matrix is totally positive (totally nonnegative) if every minor is positive (nonnegative). Though seemingly special, such matrices arise in a remarkable variety, and increasingly many ways, such as in approximation theory, differential equations, statistics, dynamical systems, geometry, algebra, computer aided geometric design, numerical analysis, etc. The purpose of this series is to illustrate the current vitality and deepening understanding of this key class of matrices. Among many recent results, increasing awareness of the elementary bidiagonal factorization, and how to compute it, has made classical results more transparent and subtle problems more approachable.

Organizer: Charles R. Johnson
College of William and Mary, USA
10:30-10:55 Totally Nonnegative Completion Problems
Brenda Kroschel, University of St. Thomas, USA
11:00-11:25 Total Nonnegativity: A Modern Overview
Charles Johnson, Organizer
11:30-11:55 Title to be determined
T. Ando, Hokkaido University, Japan
12:00-12:25 Title to be determined
Francesco Brenti

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