l. Short Course title:

SIAM Short Course on Scientific Visualization

2. Date

February 9, 2003
SIAM Associated Conference:
SIAM Conference on Computations Science and Engineering (CSE03)

3. Short Course Organizer

Chris Johnson
University of Utah

4. Rationale

Visualization is an integral part of Computational Science and Engineering, however, many practicing computational scientists and engineers have not had access to training in scientific visualization. This short course will introduce three open source visualization systems in order to give computational scientists an introduction to existing visualization software.

5. Lecturers

Will Schroeder

David Weinstein
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

Greg Abrams
IBM T.J. Watson Laboratory

6. Description

This short course offers an introduction to three open source scientific visualization software systems:

The course will be delivered by experts in scientific visualization who will introduce participants to using each of three visualization systems. The instructors will concentrate on giving concrete examples of their software for visualizing realistic computational science and engineering examples.

7. Course Objectives

8. Level of Material

Introductory 50%
Intermediate 40%
Advanced 10%

9. Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested in visualizing large-scale 3D data sets.

10. Recommended Background

SIAM CSE Participant

11. Course Outline:

12/16/02 dar