Francine D. Berman
University of California, San Diego, NPACI

A New Era in Computational Science

At the dawn of the 21st century, computational and data management infrastructure has become a first-class tool for science and engineering.Some of the most difficult problems in science are being addressed by the integration of computation and science -- computational science. The next decade in computational science promises to enable fundamental advances in biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and a host of disciplines through the coordination of computation, data management, access to instrumentation, knowledge synthesis, and the use of new devices.

At the center of many of the advances will be Grid Computing. The Grid has provided a way to link computation, data, networking, instruments and other resources together to solve today's complex and critical problems.

In this talk, we describe a new era of computational science and the challenges of building the information infrastructure needed to enable science and engineering discoveries of the future.

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