Invited Presentations

Presentations from the Conference

Selected presentations from the 2017 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering have been captured and are  available as slides with synchronized audio. In addition there are PDF’s of the slides available for printing. View presentation slides with synchronized audio.


Plenary Speakers

Making Sense of our Universe with Supercomputers
Tom Abel, Stanford University, USA
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Next-Generation AMR
Ann Almgren, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
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Adaptive and Multiscale Methods in Subsurface Flow Modeling Cancelled
Margot Gerritsen, Stanford University, USA

Productive and Sustainable: More Effective Computational Science and Engineering
Michael A. Heroux, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
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Multiscale modelling: Powerful Tool or Too Many Promises
Mikko Karttunen,  Eindhoven University, The Netherlands
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Algorithmic Adaptations to Extreme Scale
David Keyes, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudia Arabia
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Ingredients for Computationally Efficient Solution of Large-Scale Image Reconstruction Problems
Misha E. Kilmer, Tufts University, USA
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Stochastic Gradient Methods for Machine Learning
Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern University, USA
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Computational Science and Engineering Achievements in the Designing of Aircraft
Bruno Stoufflet, Dassault Aviation, France
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Challenges for Climate and Weather Prediction in the Era of Exascale Computer Architectures: Oscillatory Stiffness, Time-Parallelism, and the Role of Long-Time Dynamics
Beth Wingate, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
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