Sunday, January 9

Session 4A

4:00 PM-6:05 PM
Room: Gold Rush A

4:00 Scheduling a Pipelined Operator Graph
Petra Schuurman, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands; and Gerhard J. Woeginger, Technical University of Graz, Austria
4:25 A PTAS for the Multiple Knapsack Problem
Chandra Chekuri and Sanjeev Khanna, Bell Laboratories
4:50 Approximation Algorithms for Data Placement on Parallel Disks
Leana Golubchik, University of Maryland, College Park; Sanjeev Khanna, Bell Laboratories; Samir Khuller, University of Maryland, College Park; Ramakrishna Thurimella, University of Denver and University of Maryland, College Park; and An Zhu, University of Maryland, College Park
5:15 Movement Minimization in Conveyor Flow Shop Processing
W. Espelage and E. Wanke, University of Düsseldorf, Germany
5:40 Forcing Relations for AND/OR Precedence Constraints
Rolf H. Möhring, Martin Skutella, and Frederik Stork, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

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