Monday, January 10

Session 8A

4:00 PM-6:05 PM
Room: Gold Rush A

4:00 Scheduling to Minimize Average Stretch without Migration
Luca Becchetti and Stefano Leonardi, UniversitÓ di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy; and S. Muthukrishnan, AT&T Labs - Research
4:25 Minimizing Maximum Response Time in Scheduling Broadcasts
Yair Bartal, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies; and S. Muthukrishnan, AT&T Labs - Research
4:50 Applying Extra-Resource Analysis to Load Balancing
Mark Brehob, Eric Torng, and Patchrawat Uthaisombut, Michigan State University
5:15 Balancing Steiner Trees and Shortest Path Trees Online
Ashish Goel and Kamesh Munagala, Stanford University
5:40 Generating Adversaries for Request-Answer Games
Todd Gormley, Michigan State University; Nicholas Reingold, AT&T Labs - Research; Eric Torng, Michigan State University; and Jeffery R. Westbrook, AT&T Labs - Research

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