Monday, January 10

Session 8C

4:00 PM-6:05 PM
Room: Gold Rush B

4:00 An Extension of Path Coupling and Its Application to the Glauber Dynamics for Graph Colorings
Martin Dyer, University of Leeds, United Kingdom; Leslie Ann Goldberg, University of Warwick, United Kingdom; Catherine Greenhill, University of Leeds, United Kingdom; Mark Jerrum, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; and Michael Mitzenmacher, Harvard University
4:25 A Faster Method for Sampling Independent Sets
Mark Huber, Cornell University
4:50 Strong Bias of Group Generators: An Obstacle to the "Product Replacement Algorithm"
László Babai, University of Chicago; and Igor Pak, Yale University
5:15 Random Three-Dimensional Tilings of Aztec Octahedra and Tetrahedra: An Extension of Domino Tilings
Dana Randall and Gary Yngve, Georgia Institute of Technology
5:40 An Algebraic Method to Compute a Shortest Path of Local Flips Between Two Tilings
Eric Rémila, LIP, ENS-Lyon, CNRS, France and Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, France

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