Tenth SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics

Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available so please visit this page often.

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Date Session Time Update
6/18/00 CP12 4:50 PM J. Skokan cancelled
  CP13 4:50 PM E. Shamis cancelled
  CP2 11:30 AM D. Sha cancelled
  MS2 11:30 AM T. Pisanki cancelled
  CP11 12:10 PM H. A. Haddadene cancelled
  MS7 10:30 AM M. Katchalski cancelled
  CP7 5:10 PM A. R. Chouikha cancelled
  CP13 4:30 PM P. Chebotarev cancelled
  CP2 11:50 AM P. Chebotarev cancelled
  Poster 5:30 PM B. Hopkins cancelled
4/19/00 CP11 11:50 AM-12:05 PM K. Balaji cancelled
3/29/00 CP10 5:10-5:25 PM S. Heubach added
  CP6 3:30-3:45 PM A. T. Benjamin switched with Byron L. Walden
4/4/00 IP7 9:00 AM B. McKay moved to IP8
  IP8 2:00 PM J. Key moved to IP7

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