Saturday, August 12

Stability and Instability Mechanisms of Spiral Waves

8:30 AM-9:20 AM
Kaoli (Salon 5)
Chair: Yasumasa Nishiura, Research Institute & Electronic Science Laboratory, Japan

Spiral waves have been observed in many chemical and biological systems as well as in reaction-diffusion equations that model such systems. One particularly interesting property of spirals is their robustness with respect to perturbations of the domain boundary. In addition, spirals can destabilize in various different ways: they can experience core and far-field instabilities or begin to meander and drift. To clarify the nature of these instability mechanisms and to understand the stability properties of spirals, the persistence of spirals and the behavior of their spectral properties under domain truncation is discussed. The speaker will present an approach utilizing the spatial dynamics of the elliptic steady-state equation.

Bjorn Sandstede
Department of Mathematics
Ohio State University, USA
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