Thursday, August 10

Complex Dynamics of Proteins

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Plumeria & Tiare (Salon 9 & 10)

Understanding the dynamics of biomolecules, such as proteins and DNA, is becoming an increasingly important task for both experimentalists and theoreticians. A well-known example is the problem of protein folding, in which one determines the three-dimensional structures of proteins from their one-dimensional amino acid sequences. From a dynamical system point of view, the associated systems are very complex, certainly nonlinear, but high-dimensional and noised as well. In this minisymposium, the speakers will explore the relation between the complex dynamics of biomolecules and those of traditional nonlinear dynamical systems.

Organizer: Jian-Min Yuan
Drexel University, USA
10:00-10:25 Global View of Protein Folding Dynamics: Minimal Off-lattice Model
Chung-Yuan Mou, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
10:30-10:55 Native Driving Force Protein Folding
Hong-Chien Lee and Z. H. Wang, National Central University, Taiwan
11:00-11:25 Fractal Analysis of Protein Potential Energy Landscapes
Daniel A. Lidar or R. B. Gerber, University of California, Berkeley, USA
11:30-11:55 Mechanical Unfolding and Refolding of Protein
Jian-Min Yuan, Organizer; Feng-Yin Li and Chung-Yuan Mou, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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