Thursday, August 10

Mathematical Approach to Chaotic Itinerancy

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Anthurium & Ginger (Salon 1 & 2)

Chaotic itinerancy (CI) is considered as a novel universal class of dynamics with large degrees of freedom. In CI, an orbit successively itinerates over (quasi-)attractors which have effectively small degrees of freedom. CI has been discovered independently in globally coupled maps (abbrev. GCM), model neural dynamics, optical turbulence. The speakers in this session will discuss mathematical aspects of CI, especially in GCM, and motivate future research toward better understanding of dynamical systems with large degrees of freedom.

Organizer: Hiroshi Kokubu
Kyoto University, Japan
3:30-3:55 Chaotic Itinerancy in Globally Coupled Maps: An Overview
Hiroshi Kokubu, Organizer
4:00-4:25 A Mechanism of Chaotic Itinerancy in Globally Coupled Maps
Motomasa Komuro, Teikyo University of Science & Technology, Japan
4:30-4:55 An Intermittent Synchronization Phenomenon in Coupled Skew Tent Maps
Masato Tsujii, Hokkaido University, Japan
5:00-5:25 The Effect of Chaotic Itinerancy on Computer Simulations
Timothy Sauer, George Mason University, USA

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