Friday, August 11

Chaotic Dynamics and Engineering Applications

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Anthurium & Ginger (Salon 1 & 2)

The speakers in this minisymposium will present recent advances in engineering applications based on chaotic dynamics. They will discuss four independent topics : (i) information processing via chaotic neural dynamics, (ii) image processing via chaotic mapping, (iii) hierarchical bayesian technique to predict chaotic time series, (iv) computer aided proof of chaotic dynamics. They will present novel approaches and methodologies and indicate new directions in each engineering area.

Organizer: Ryuji Tokunaga
University of Tsukuba, Japan
10:00-10:25 Spatio-temporal Chaos and its Applications to Artificial Neural Networks
Kazuyuki Aihara, The University of Tokyo, Japan
10:30-10:55 Image Processing Using Chaotic Mapping System
Takashi Ida and Yoko Sambonsugi, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
11:00-11:25 A Hierarchical Bayesian Scheme for Nonlinear Time Series Prediction Problems
Takashi Matsumoto, Waseda University, Japan
11:30-11:55 Method of Computer Assisted Proofs for Existence of Certain Bifurcation Points in Dynamical Systems Using Verified Numerical Computation
Shinichi Ohishi, Waseda University, Japan

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