Friday, August 11

Pulse Dynamics in Dissipative Systems

1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Koali (Salon 5)

Pulse solutions are one of the typical examples of localized patterns. The speakers will discuss the properties of pulses such as the existence of pulse solutions, the mechanism of the generation of pulses, and the dynamics of pulses for various model equations with methods of variational principle, perturbation method and the center manifold theory and so on. The study of pulse dynamics provides important information in order to understand the time evolutional process of patterns.

Organizer: Sin-Ichiro Ei
Yokohama City University, Japan
1:30-1:55 Dynamics of Interacting Pulses in Reaction-diffusion Systems
Sin-Ichiro Ei, Organizer
2:00-2:25 The Dynamics and Stability of Spike Solutions to the Gierer-Meinhardt Model
Michael J. Ward and David Ion, University of British Columbia, Canada; and Juncheng Wei, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
2:30-2:55 Multiple-bump Ground States for Some Reaction-Diffusion Systems in R2
Juncheng Wei, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
3:00-3:25 A General Criterion for the Eckhauss Instability in Skew-Gradient Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Masataka Kuwamura, Wakayama University, Japan; and Eiji Yanagida, University of Tokyo, Japan

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