Saturday, August 12

Stochastic Effects on Transitions for Delayed Dynamics

1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Orchard & Pikake (Salon 7 & 8)

Understanding mechanisms of noise-sensitivity and quantifying stochastic effects are two main concerns of studying stochastic dynamical systems. For systems with complicated deterministic dynamics, isolating and measuring stochastic effects is difficult. This is especially true for systems with delays, including stochastic delay-differential equations, and models with delays caused by multiple time scales. Variability of realizations makes simulation inefficient, as seen in stochastic systems with state transitions. However, analysis can be difficult because of the presence of the delay. The speakers in this minisymposium will present approaches for studying stochastic effects in delayed dynamics, particularly those in which there is a transition in behavior.

Organizers: Rachel A. Kuske
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
Malgorzata M. Klosek
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA
1:30-1:55 Noise and Delays in Neural Regulatory Feedback Systems
Jacques Belair Universite of Montreal and McGill University
2:00-2:25 Stochastic Resonance with Noise and Delay
Toru Ohira Sony, Japan
2:30-2:55 From Spikers to Bursters via Coupling: Effect of Noise
Gerda de Vries, University of Alberta, Canada; and Arthur Sherman, National Institutes of Health, USA
3:00-3:25 Noisy Delay Bifurcations in Neuron Models
Rachel A. Kuske, Organizer; and Steve Baer, Arizona State University, USA

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