Pacific Rim Dynamical Systems Conference, August 9-13, 2000, Maui Marriott Resort, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available so please visit this page often.

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Date Session Time Update
8/11/00 MS52 4:30 PM
5:00 PM
E. N. Dancer replaces C. Gui
Y. Nishiura replaces C. Muratov
8/3/00 MS18 1:00 PM
1:30 PM
P. Zgliczynski replaces M. Allili
D. Morgan replaces P. Gross
MS38 2:00 PM Cancelled: S. Omata
MS52 5:00 PM Cancelled: C. Muratov
MS25 3:00 PM Cancelled: T. Tang
Poster 8:30 PM Cancelled: Q-X. Ye
MS4 2:30 PM J. Belair replaces Zeeman
MS20 1:00 PM S. Schecter replaces J. Harterich
7/31/00 MS17 1:30 PM K. Josic replaces E. Rosa
7/25/00 MS34 3:00 PM Y-C. Lai replaces E. Rosa
Poster 8:30 PM Cancelled:
L. Almocera
V. Protopopescu
MS9 4:30 PM W. F. Langford replaces S. A. Campbell
MS18 1:00 PM Cancelled: M. Allili
MS52 4:30 PM Cancelled: C. Gui
MS40 11:00 AM J. Wei replaces M. Tang
7/19/00 MS12 10:30 AM Cancelled: R. N. Miller
Poster 8:30 PM

D.K. Arrowsmith
M. Nihtila
V. Anikin
C. Faruk

7/11/00 MS49 1:30 PM
2:00 PM
J. Belair replaces A. Longtin
T. Ohira replaces M. Klosek
MS42 10:00 AM Session talks reordered
Added: A. Castelfranco
MS19 1:00 PM H. Smith replaces H. Thieme
Poster 8:30 PM Added: J. Timmer
Added: G. Tinetti
Cancelled: P. Shorten
Cancelled: J. Jamsek
7/5/00 Poster 8:30 PM Cancelled:
A. Korobeinikov
K. Shelton
A. Haro
A. Diaz
R. Huerta
I. Kliakhandler
C. Martel
A. Szucs
T. McMillen
6/29/00 MS4 2:30 PM A. Yates replaces M. L. Zeeman
MS19 1:00 PM Cancelled: H. Thieme
MS54 5:30 PM Added: J. Murdock
MS52 6:00 PM N. Ghoussoub replaces Del Pino
Poster 8:30 PM Cancelled: B Hu, J. Timmer, E. Haskell, & X. Liu
Added: F. Miwakeichi and S. Ross
MS31 10:00 AM
10:30 AM
B. Hu replaces D. Blackmore
B. N. Shashikanth replaces Haller
MS15 11:30 AM M. Shearer replaces K. Zumbrun
6/18/00 MS4 2:30 PM Cancelled: M. L. Zeeman
Poster 8:30 PM Cancelled: J. L. Fernandez-Chapou
Added: F. Miwakeichi
MS31 10:30 AM Cancelled: G. Haller
6/8/00 MS36 2:30 PM Cancelled: L. Lai
Poster Session 8:30 PM Cancelled: A. Cheskidov
MS15 11:30 AM Cancelled: K. Zumbrun
5/15/00 Poster Session 8:30 PM Cancelled: D. Sterling
  MS48 3:00 PM Added: M. Higuera

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