Monday, May 24


3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room: Superior B
Chair: James Lawry, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

3:00-3:15 Respiration by Turbulant Diffusion in Frogs
James Lawry, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
3:20-3:35 Modelling the Control of Ovulation in Terms of Gonadotropin Receptors in Granulosa Cells
A. Chávez-Ross and J. Stark, University College London, United Kingdom; and S. Franks, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London, United Kingdom
3:40-3:55 Subcellular Mechanisms for the Regularization of Neural Bursting Activity
Pablo Varona, Joaquín J. Torres, Ramón Huerta, Henry D. I. Abarbanel and Mikhail I. Rabinovich, University of California, San Diego
4:00-4:15 The Mechanics of Lung Tissue Under High-Frequency Lung Ventilation
Markus R. Owen, Mark A. Lewis, and David J. Eyre,University of Utah
4:20-4:35 Cardiorespiratory Interaction in Anesthesia
Aneta Stefanovska and Mario Hozic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Hermann Haken, University of Stuttgart, Germany
4:40-4:55 Dynamics of Human Blood Distribution System
Maja Bracic and UpdatedAneta Stefanovska, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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