Tuesday, May 25

Coupled Oscillators II

7:30 PM-9:30 PM
Room: Ballroom III
Chair: M. K. Stephen Yeung, Cornell University

7:30-7:45 Time Delay in the Kuramoto Model of Coupled Oscillators
M. K. Stephen Yeung and Steven H. Strogatz, Cornell University
7:50-8:05 Dynamics of Continuous-Time Boolean Networks and Parkinsonian Tremor
Roderick Edwards, University of Victoria, Canada
Cancelled 8:10-8:25 Instabilities and Discrete Rotating Waves in Coupled Chaotic Oscillators
Manuel A. Matías and Esteban Sánchez, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
8:30-8:45 Spatiotemporal Organization in Long Chains of Chaotic Oscillators with Impurities
Athanasios Gavrielides and Vassilios Kovanis, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Tsampikos Kottos, The Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovot, Israel; and George Tsironis, University of Crete, Greece
8:50-9:05 Bifurcation Analysis of Spontaneous Symmetry-Breaking in Circular Josephson Junction Arrays
John J. Derwent and Mary Silber, Northwestern University
9:10-9:25 Synchronization in Arrays of Oscillators with Different Natural Frequencies
Leonid L. Rubchinsky and Mikhail M. Sushchik, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia; and Grigory V. Osipov, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

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