Tuesday, May 25

Partial Differential Equations II

7:30 PM-9:30 PM
Room: White Pine
Chair: Renate Schaaf, Utah State University

7:30-7:45 Title to be determined
Renate Schaaf, Utah State University
7:50-8:05 Structural Analysis of Incompressible Flows
Shouhong Wang, Indiana University, Bloomington
8:10-8:25 Slow Manifolds and Inertial Manifolds in the Maxwell-Bloch Equations
Govind Menon and Gyorgy Haller, Brown University
8:30-8:45 Optimal Gap Conditions for Invariant Manifolds
Y. Latushkin and William Layton, University of Missouri, Columbia
8:50-9:05 Mean Curvature Laws for Spreading Solid Films
Kirk Brattkus, Southern Methodist University
9:10-9:25 On the Stabilization of Bounded Solutions for Parabolic Systems with Analytic Nonlinearity and Lyapunov Functional
Mikhail Vishnevskii, Russian Academy of Science, Siberian Branch and Universidade Federal do Para, Guama, Para, Brasil

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