Tuesday, May 25

Observation, Analysis and Modeling of Excitable Systems

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Maybird

Various natural systems present excitable dynamical behavior, with excitability defined in terms of the systems response to perturbations. Such behavior can be found in biological systems, laser physics, and chemical reactions, among others. The combination of excitability with other dynamical processes gives rise to very particular behaviors. Diffusively coupled excitable systems generate some easily recognizable patterns. When subject to noise, excitable systems display a particular statistical behavior. In this minisymposium, the speakers will discuss the observation, analysis and modeling of different aspects of excitable systems with the aim of finding their underlying common features..

Organizers: Silvina Ponce Dawson and Gabriel B. Mindlin
Ciudad Universitaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

10:00-10:25 Excitable Behavior in Semiconductor Lasers
Jorge L. Tredicce and M. Giudici, Université de Nice, Valbonne, France
10:30-10:55 Frequency Locked Patterns in a Periodically Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion System
Anna L. Lin, Valery Petrov, Alexandre Ardelea, Graham F. Carey, and Harry L. Swinney, University of Texas, Austin
11:00-11:25 Topological Structure of Noise Driven Excitable Systems
Gabriel B. Mindlin, Organizer; Manuel C. Eguia and Alejandro Yacomotti, Ciudad Universitaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina
11:30-11:55 Classifying Excitable Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Silvina Ponce Dawson, Organizer; and John E. Pearson, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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